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Sell everywhere

Your customers are everywhere – with plentymarkets, you are too! Sell your products on over 50 marketplaces and price portals worldwide. plentymarkets takes care of exchanging and communicating with the markets and manages all sales across all your channels in one place.

Manage everything

plentymarkets connects and automates all your online retail processes in a cloud-based e-commerce ERP - from item management and merchandise management to shipping and invoicing. This way, you make short work of time-consuming routine tasks.

Guaranteed to grow

plentymarkets has a modular structure and can be extended in a flexible way. This means that there are almost no limits to your online ambitions. At the same time, the cloud-based system combines high performance with infinite scalability and is always available everywhere.

More than 55.000 User work with plentymarkets

By using plentymarkets, we keep ensuring that our company faces a bright future.”

Andreas Müller

Deltatecc GmbH